Friday, April 26, 2013

Once upon a time a have a dream .a dream of living in utopian family , society or even country , but as I have mentioned it was a dream. I am afraid to say that most of my dreams turned to be  nightmares .searching for perfection is a dilemma , trying to look to the bright side is another issue, which was advised by one of my wise buddies , this advise seems to be over-the-counter drug .it is a prescription for optimistic people , for sure I am not one of them , how come to be optimistic where is a society full of sexual harassment , poverty , ignorance, diseases ..and many more .we are struggling again to get our right which is not comparable to any other country .it is too hard to forget or even to pretend forgetting your future and only think about your son or daughter future .how will they raise ! will you drag them up like what my parents did ? or would you invent another way for raising them and they would cope. I am in love with my country , I refused to turn my back to this country holding a green passport , searching for a bare minimum source .I am in love with this country even all worse it has . I miss you Egypt , I miss your kind people , I miss your people mercy  and beaming faces . where all of that have gone . freedom from want , will not we ?.
I am neither speaking about the current governmental plan of how to get out of bottle neck  nor about how to involve people in dirt poor , I am speaking about its people ethics which turned 180 degree to be at odds .I miss you Egypt , please don’t turn your back to me as I did not , all what I am asking for is to nostalgic and to have a pity on me .

Your lover forever

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